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I most certainly research potential hires as well as intern applicants on social networking sites as a part of the evaluation process. There have been several candidates for different positions who looked fantastic on paper but had provocative photos and/or were fans of certain groups on Facebook that promote drug use or other severely unprofessional behaviors which caused me to immediately eliminate them from the candidate pool.

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Charles E. Benton, Jr.
Fall Tour and Event Coordinator
The Preservation Society of Charleston
Preserving the Past for the Future
03/11/10 @ 08:55
Margie – this was great. My step-daughter posted something personal on her Facebook yesterday which was somewhat provocative (and to which I refrained from commenting on until I got this and just sent it to her!) She works in HR no less. People need to understand that these networks are completely visible - easily hacked into – and NOTHING IS PRIVATE and everything is open for scrutiny – or self-promotion if you carefully plan your communication.
03/11/10 @ 12:53
Good morning Margie. Interesting data regarding Social Media. I do not participate in Social Media and yet after reading the piece my question is, does not utilizing Social Media have a negative affect? My thinking is NO!!

Doug Codling
03/12/10 @ 13:30

Myspace used to be the first source but many have left myspace and moved to FB.
We have also maintained printout of previous employees who posted negative comments and information.
Company owners have also gone so far as to file suit against two of those employees.
Employees have also been terminated with cause for posting about drug use and all night parties the night before a sick call.

It's sad but it is a source used by many employers...

Birgit Burton
03/12/10 @ 13:51
My business is too small to employ strangers as of yet, but when it gets to that point I most definitely will research potential employees on facebook.

Heidi Yocum
03/13/10 @ 11:50

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